White Canyon

A mild-mannered, venerable mining town, White Canyon is the first major settlement along the Southern Pacific line. Its ore mine was once known as the “richest silver mine in the world”.

Town Statistics

  • Corruption -10%
  • Crime -10%
  • Economy +5%
  • Law +15%
  • Lore +10%
  • Society +0%


White Canyon featured many attractive elements in its heyday as many boomtowns do, but with the boom of its millions-rich silver operation came a spike in crime that eventually painted the town in infamy. A Confederate veteran named Alexander Hoffman from the southeast was eventually hired as the town marshal and was given free reign to clean up White Canyon. It’s said that instead of making more arrests or building more jails, Hoffman simply shot criminals who transgressed the established law. Eventually, White Canyon became a rather safe place to live and work.

Although the silver mine dried up, White Canyon was able to keep itself afloat.

Notable Locations

White Canyon Station

Notable People

White Canyon

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