Special firearm rules

Drawing a bead

A normal shot assumes your cowpoke aims his gun only for a heartbeat before triggering off a round. If your character spends an entire round “drawing a bead,” he can add an extra 1/5 of your firearm skill in % to the weapon’s attack roll the next round of combat. Note: If you are wounded during this time or otherwise distracted, you must succeed a Willpower roll to keep sights on the target to earn the accuracy bonus.


Some gunslingers fan their single-action pistols, that is, they hold the trigger down and slap the hammer repeatedly to put more lead in the air. Fanning isn’t accurate, but it can put a hurting on several targets faster than carefully aimed shots (if you’re good enough). When you fire and fan, you can unload your entire smokewagon in one action if desired. Note: Every shot is Difficult, but you may direct them toward any enemies within range.

Firing from the hip

Every shot you take assumes you are lining up your gun for an instant to get an accurate shot. If desired, you can shoot from the hip instead. This isn’t as accurate but gets a bullet out faster than taking the time to shoulder the gun properly. If you aren’t surprised in the combat round, you may add 1/2 again your DEX to initiative and your shot becomes Difficult. Note: You must state that you’re firing from the hip before the round begins. After the shot, you assume your actual initiative count unless you continue to fire from the hip.


Some pistoleros like to fire two pistols (or any gun that fits in one hand) at once. They usually don’t hit much, but they sure make a lot of noise. Firing the weapon in your dominant hand in the same round as your off-hand is made at a -10% penalty, while the off-hand weapon is penalized -20% (if you are ambidextrous, each attack takes -15%). You may choose to fire your off-hand weapon before the weapon in your dominant hand, but in either case, the other weapon must wait 5 DEX ranks in the initiative order to be used (unless of course you fire from the hip as well; this enables you to fire both guns at the same time at greater penalty).

Note: With two guns, the shooter can’t fan single-actions, nor can he take enough time to draw a bead. He can still shoot from the hip if desired, however. The difficulty of hip-firing is calculated after the dual-wielding penalties are deducted. Note 2: You may make things even more complicated by firing one gun from the hip and one normally. If you do so, you must indicate which gun you are firing from the hip with, so only that weapon suffers the hip-fire penalty.

Firearm malfunctions

Generally, revolvers, shotguns, and single-action rifles malfunction on rolls of 00. This usually means there is a dud round in the chamber and reloading can fix the problem. Lever-operated rifles can jam on rolls of 99-00. Some exceptions to this rule may occur

Special fighting weapon rules

Big weapons

Generally, weapons with an ENC of 3.0 or higher require the wielder to be strong enough to use them right. A STR of 13 is usually enough, depending on the size and weight distribution of the weapon. Some weapons take up a lot of space but don’t require much strength (take a spear, for instance). There isn’t any strict rule for this, just make sure your muscles are as big as your eyes and try not to hurt yourself.

Larger weapons might take extra time to swing and recover. Weapons with attack speeds of less than 1 can’t simply be used consistently once a round. An attack speed of 1/2, for instance, means the weapon can strike every other round.


Listed below are some common firearms. Variants do exist, and certain weapons found during the campaign will have different traits and may even grant bonuses to or penalize skill and damage rolls.


Single-action pistols

Pistol Skill Damage Attack Range Capacity HP ENC Cost Description
.44 Army Revolver 1d10+2 1 25m 6 12 1.0 $15 One of the most powerful and commonly used single-action revolvers in the war can be found in almost any cowpoke’s holster
.22 Derringer Revolver 1d6 1 25m 2 8 0.5 $12 This gun can be hidden up a huckster’s sleeve or propped in a harlot’s garter in case someone gets violent for getting the mitten; +20% to Conceal on person
.36 Navy Revolver 1d8 1 25m 6 12 1.0 $10 A cap and ball single-action revolver found far and wide
.45 Peacemaker Revolver 1d10 1 25m 6 12 1.0 $12 One of the most prolific guns of the west
.36 Pocket Model Revolver 1d6 1 25m 5 10 0.7 $8 A pocket gun’s barrel is about half the size of other models of its caliber; +10% to Conceal rolls to hide it in a pocket or up a sleeve

Double-action pistols

Pistol Skill Damage Attack Range Capacity HP ENC Cost Description
.45 Peacemaker Revolver 1d10 1 or 2 25m 6 12 1.0 $25 Double action enables the shooter to make an additional attack under the autofire rules, without having to fan the hammer; however, the gun malfunctions on rolls of 98-00


Rifle Skill Damage Attack Range Capacity HP ENC Cost Description
.44-40 Winchester Rifle 2d6+1 1 or 2 100m 15 12 3.0 $25 Common lever-action repeating rifle allows shooter to make an additional attack under the autofire rules
.44 Henry Rifle 2d6 1 or 2 100m 16 12 3.0 $25 High-capacity, high-speed lever-operated rifle used by Union soldiers in the War. Occasionally seen in the south and less so out west
.56-56 Spencer Rifle 2d6+2 1 or 2 100m 7 12 3.0 $30 Larger caliber repeater. When fired, the muzzle produces a haze of smoke that may temporarily obscure vision


Shotgun Skill Damage Attack Range Capacity Hand(s) HP ENC Cost Description
Single-barrel Shotgun 4d6/2d6/1d6 1 5m/20m/50m 1 2h 10 3.0 $25
Double-barrel Shotgun 4d6/2d6/1d6 1 or 2 5m/20m/50m 2 2h 12 3.5 $35 Both rounds can be fired on the same pull, but both shots stick to the autofire rules
Sawn-off Double-barrel Shotgun 4d6/1d6/- 1 or 2 5m/20m/- 2 1h 14 2.0 $35 As double-barrel except: the range ain’t as good, but it’s easy to carry and the weapon can be used one-handed if the wielder is thick-wristed enough (STR 11+)

Fighting Weapons

Fighting weapon Skill Damage Attack Range Hand(s) HP ENC Cost Description
Brass knuckles Unarmed 1d4+db 1 Short 1 14 0.2 $1 A ring for each finger for that extra kick
Club, big Club 1d8+db 1 Medium 2 10 3.0 A stick about the size of grown man’s leg
Club, huge Club 1d10+db 1/2 Long 2 15 4.0 A stick about the size of grown man…You’re gonna need a 15 STR and a lot of room to even use this one
Club, small Club 1d6+db 1 Short 1 8 1.5 A stick about the size of grown man’s shin
Knife Knife 1d3+1+db 1 Short 1 15 0.5 $2 Your typical run-of-the-mill blade
Knife, bowie Knife 1d6+db 1 Short/6m 1 12 0.7 $4 A foot-long fighting knife that can be thrown; throwing the knife accurately is Difficult, however
Rapier Sword 1d6+1+db 1 Medium 1 15 1.0 $10 A slender, sharply pointed sword, ideally used for thrusting
Saber Sword 1d8+1+db 1 Medium 1 20 2.0 $15 Typically used by generals in the War, these heavy one-handed blades are still found in military service
Spear Spear 1d8+db 1 Medium/Long 2 12 2.0 $3 A long pole with a sharp point
Tomahawk Axe 1d6+db 1 Short/6m 1 10 0.7 $3 A handaxe designed for flight, the Navajo of the region are known to carry them
Unarmed Unarmed 1d3+db 1 Short as limb Fists, boots, head, whatever you can throw at ’em
Whip Whip 1d3-1 1 Long 1 20 0.50 $15 Whips have fallen out of many hands as the times don’t call for them anymore, but you can still find them useful for entangling a bounty or decorating a brothel


Outfits grant the wearer benefits, such as those for storage. Some outfits grant other effects. While not adhering completely to realism, most outfits offer some protection from attacks. Many other outfits are available but not listed and will turn up in game as purchasable items or loot.

Outfit AP HP ENC Locations Protected Cost Description
Bandit outfit 1 8 2.5 Torso $8 Low-key shirt and pants with a heavy shawl over the torso. Features a handkerchief for covering the face, which adds +20% to disguise checks
Cowboy outfit 1 10 2.5 Torso $9 Includes buttoned shirt and rugged pants, a thick coat, a stetson hat, gloves, belt with 50 ft. of rope, and spurred boots
Infantry outfit 2 12 3.5 Torso Restricted to military Infantry uniform worn by the U.S. Army infantry. Includes a billed cap, belt pouches to hold ammunition, and a sling to hold a primary and secondary firearm
Leather duster 2 15 4.0 All but head $10 Ankle-length leather coat, fit for the rough elements of the wilderness, keeping the wearer dry and warm in inclement weather, granting +20% to Endurance checks made to avoid the effects of hypothermia and similar afflictions caused by the cold and wet
Mercenary suit 1 10 2.5 Torso and arms $10 Leather jacket with a single bandoleer and belt pouches for ammunition.
Poncho 1 6 2.0 Torso $5 This outfit protects the wearer somewhat, and keeps the wearer dry and warm in inclement weather, granting +20% to Endurance checks made to avoid the effects of hypothermia and similar afflictions caused by the cold and wet. May include a sombrero or Nat
Priest’s clothes 0 4 1.0 $12 Includes a black shirt and pants, fine shoes, and a collar. The wearer gains +10% to Influence checks around those who share the faith of the clergy

General Equipment

Item ENC Cost Description
Axe 3.0 $2 Simple, wood-cutting axe. As a weapon, it deals 1d6 damage (Weapon skill: Axes)
Backpack 2.0 $2 Knapsack, roughly 2 cubic feet of space
Barbed wire (per yard) 1.0 5c
Bed roll 2.5 $4 Thin padded roll, includes blanket
Camera 2.0 $5 Photo plates cost $1 each
Canteen 0.5 $1 Holds a couple liters of fluid
Cigar 0.1 5c Typical cigar of typical variety
Wire (50’) 1.0 $2.50 Thin metal wire
Drill 1.0 $2 Handheld crank drill
File 0.1 25c Small metal file
Guitar 3.0 $8 Six-stringed wooden guitar
Hammer 1.0 50c Tool for bangin’ nails. As a weapon, it deals 1d4 damage (Weapon skill: Hammers)
Handcuffs 0.5 $3.50 Comes with two keys
Harmonica 0.5 50c
Hatchet 2.0 $1 As a weapon, it deals 1d4 damage (Weapon skill: Axes)
Holster, fast draw 0.5 $2 +2 on Initiative rolls when your first action is drawing a pistol from a fast draw holster
Lantern 1.0 $2.50 Requires oil
Lantern oil (gallon) 1.0 10c
Iron skillet 2.0 50c As a weapon, it deals 1d6 damage (Weapon skill: Clubs)
Matches (box of 100) 0.2 50c
Mess kit 3.5 $2 Includes a skillet, kettle, a plate, a cup, and cutlery suited for one person
Pick 3.0 $2 As a weapon, it deals 1d6 damage (Weapon skill: Hammers)
Pipe 0.2 $1
Playing cards 0.2 25c 52 cards
Rope (50’) 2.5 $5 Hemp rope
Shovel 3.0 $1.50 As a weapon, it deals 1d6 damage (Weapon skill: Clubs)
Tobacco, chewing (tin) 0.2 50c
Tobacco, smoking (pouch) 0.2 50c
Watch, gold 0.2 $10
Watch, standard 0.2 $2.50


Service Cost Description
Bath $1 Warm bath with soap and wash cloth
Burial $5 Does not include coffin
Photo $2
Doctor’s visit, office $3
Doctor’s visit, house call $5
Room, low-class, per day $1
Room, high-class, per day $2
Shave and haircut 25c
Telegram, per word 5c


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