Chapter 1

The PCs arrive in White Canyon on Southern Pacific 2, a small coach train due west for Goldwater. As the engine stops at night for an intermission, the PCs witness a crime near the station that puts a legal halt on their course to Goldwater.


December 29th, 1879

White Canyon might have confused an outlander by its name, being a settlement coined after the surrounding geography of the same name. The town’s wooden edifices could be seen beyond the lone station marked ‘White Canyon Station’ in crisp white paint above its maw. The handful of passengers on Southern Pacific line 2 exited the train in slow order, their breaths dissolving into ghosts as they stepped into the cold. The coachman, dressed in uniform, made a round from the coal car to the last coach car. The brakeman disembarked and halfheartedly checked the four boxcars trailing the coach.

The town was sleeping. The only visible source of light came from a clerk’s office inside of the station, its interior glowing in warm contradiction to the cold night’s blue. A fleeting conversation sparked between two male passengers walking off of the station’s deck, hardly audible over the steady wind combing the nearby bristle bushes, barren of verdure.

While Southern Pacific 2 slept, White Canyon would be home for a night.

 photo 3e2659f6-95ef-45e0-99b6-047708ea63fe.jpg
Southern Pacific 2, shortly before its first embarkment through Colorado, April 1878.

Arrival in White Canyon

Chapter 1

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